참조 매뉴얼

튜토리얼 대상

  • Companies that want to build blockchains for Metaverse, GameFi, and NFTs
  • dApp developers who need high TPS, minimal transaction fees, and data privacy.
  • 테스트를 위해 로컬 개인 네트워크 또는 원장 데이터베이스를 구축하려는 사람.

ServiceChain Overview

ServiceChain is an enterprise-level blockchain to meet companies' requirements such as value transfer, security, high performance, and customization. Klaytn ServiceChain provides the following features:
  • Immediate finality
  • Token transfer between Klaytn chains
  • Data anchoring to the main chain for data integrity
  • Multi-sig bridge contract to meet enterprise-level security requirements
Read the Klaytn Scaling Solution for more details about the ServiceChain. And the following videos will help you understand Klaytn ServiceChain.